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Wishy Washy: Clever Name For A Laundromat

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In this edition of BI Business Names,

we are going to take a look at the Wishy Washy Laundromat.  Personally I think this is a very clever name for a Laundromat or Washateria.  We are all familiar with these types of establishments, they are in every neighborhood usually on older sides of town where rental properties are prevalent and in blue collar communities.

As I drive around in my car I always keep my Smart Phone handy and ready to snap anything that I see that is unique or innovative for BI and this one definitely fits the bill.  If there was a name made in heaven for a Laundromat it would definitely be Wishy Washy.  I think this brand name that can go places (hint hint). This name has trademark written all over it. I would snap up the domain and any trademarks that were unprotected related to this name if I had any remote interest in the laundering business either physical or information based. I believe this brand name could have regional and national potential.  Or at least, it would be a great addition in your own local neighborhood.

When I look  at business names, I use the following criteria:

  • Memorable quality of the name.
  • Clear translation of utility this name  is not overly clever and does not lose the connection to the utility of the laundry business.

In conclusion this is a great example of a clever brand and one that we all can learn from and use in our own businesses.

What is the name of your Business? Is the name memorable? Do you know any businesses with clever or memorable names? Share your ideas below:

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